Party Building

Party Construction

Ideological and political work in Antis

Adhere to the "1234" working m

  • One platformAdhere to the concept of "starting from safety in production

  • Two orientationsAdhere to the guidance of  improving the quality 

  • Three measures“one post and two responsibilities" for Party members

  • Four goalsEarnestly promote the party construction work to a new level

Implement the party building w

Build a platform, adhere to two guidance, implement three measures and achieve four goals

  • Adhere to the concept of "party building starts from safety production and safety production starts from Party building", actively build a platform for Party building to lead safety production and promote "three integration".

  • Adhere to the guidance of comprehensively improving the quality of the branch construction, and give full play to the role of the branch as a fighting fortress

  • Implement the party building measures of "one post and two responsibilities" for Party members. We have established a closed-loop management mechanism of "one post, two responsibilities" for Party Construction by Party committee members

  • We have achieved the four goals of prominent leading role of the Party committee, prominent fighting fortress role of the Party branch, prominent vanguard and exemplary role of Party members and outstanding role of employees in striving for excellence


    Love the party and the country


    Love the party and the country


    Love the party and the country