Application background

The climate inside and around military and aerospace equipment, systems and components has a direct impact on the quality and condition of equipment, maintenance, repair and replacement costs, and availability. Providing the right climate will have an immediate effect. The Andes provide suitable climatic conditions for the inventory of defense customers as well as active equipment. The experience of military customers around the world shows that the use of the Andean "controlled humidity environment" can save a lot of maintenance costs (sometimes more than 25%) and improve the availability of equipment, which is a very rare combination effect that we are proud of. The relative humidity level can be reduced to about 40 ~ 45% by using the Andean drying wheel dehumidification system, so as to reduce or even eliminate the corrosion phenomenon. The Andean drying wheel dehumidification system also has an immediate effect on the reliability of electronic systems. It is not uncommon that the incidence of NFF or CND is reduced by 50%. For infrastructure and organic material facilities, mold and fungi will stop growing. For weapons and ammunition, it can slow down or even stop the degradation of chemical compounds, so as to ensure the longest storage life of weapons and ammunition. All the beneficial effects of Andean drying wheel dehumidification system are finally converged into a powerful guarantee for cost saving!

Application site

  • Civil Aerospace

    Civil Aerospace

    Efficient dehumidification

  • Military equipment and systems

    Military equipment and systems

    Low temperature humidity control 

  • Military equipment

    Military equipment

    Low dew point 

Military application

  • Explosion proof use
  • Protection of dry air
  • Ammunition storage
  • Corrosion protection

All Antis dehumidifiers meet the explosion-proof requirements, but the air around the dehumidifier must not contain flammable and explosive gases or liquids

Other materials such as military clothing, parachutes and so on should also be stored in a dry environment to prevent mildew and moisture

To ensure that ammunition is not damaged by moisture, a runner dehumidifier is usually used to install in the weapon ammunition depot. This is the same as the principle of dry air protection

For tanks and aircraft, it usually refers to the dehumidification of internal optical and control components. We often use air duct to transport dry air directly to the cockpit of tanks or aircraft for dry air protection. If these optical and electronic control components are affected with moisture, they will be controlled imprecisely or even wrongly. Therefore, the temperature control of these components is also very important.

Industrial resources

Andean industrial products are involved in the humidity treatment of military, aerospace, wind power generation, medicine, food, civil air defense engineering, production and processing places, < br > and so on Household products involve air purification

National distribution

We provide services to customers all over the country through more than 30 branches and a large number of distributors