Energy matching

Energy matching

Andes provides energy supporti

In order to optimize the production of mechanical equipment, we need to create a suitable environment. High humidity environment causes condensation, corrosion and rust in power plants and wind turbines, which leads to the degradation of gas turbine power performance and problems in the operation of pumps, switchgear and electronic devices. This may lead to the failure of start-up after maintenance and shutdown, resulting in the deduction of delayed delivery.
Andean equipment protects power plants and wind turbines from corrosion, ensuring that they are in ideal indoor air conditions at a fraction of the cost of new plants or equipment. At the same time, the Andean demisting technology can greatly reduce the pollution of dust, liquid or salt fog to the power plant system.
Andean core technology has been successfully applied in more than 100000 devices worldwide.
The use of Andean dehumidifier in evaporative cooling gas turbine can improve the energy efficiency of natural gas per cubic meter.
The high efficiency evaporative cooling medium precooler in Andes increases the gas density by reducing the gas temperature. Using Andean thermal insulation cooling medium, the output power can be increased by at least 5% - 6%, and the output power can be as high as 60% in extremely hot or dry climate.



Development of rotary dehumidifier

Since 2005, Andes has researched and developed the first rotary dehumidifier for electric power production. After five years of technical iteration, the products have been continuously updated. In 2010, the special rotary dehumidifier for electric power was officially launched, which solved the existing air environment problems of electroacoustic production and improved the efficiency of electric power production


The first batch

In 2010, Andean power dedicated rotary dehumidifier was first batch applied to wind power generation projects, and achieved remarkable results in improving power production efficiency. The failure rate was only 5% in three years, setting a quality benchmark for the industry. In six years, 10 + large power production projects were successively cooperated, creating a suitable environment for power production


Wind power project starts

In 2016, the territory of Andean electric dehumidifier was expanded to overseas market for the first time. It reached a long-term strategic cooperation with Vestas, the world's largest wind power company, and made a modest contribution to the global wind power industry.

solve the problem

Solve all kinds of air problems in the process of power production

  • Moldy corrosion

  • Prevent rain, snow and hail

  • Improve gas flow

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Andes regulates the right air for the field of power production and escorts the healthy development of power industry

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