Into the Andes

Into the Andes

Company Profile

Company Profile

  • Focus on air treatment


  • Projects are all over the country


  • The business is global

    42 country

Andean history dates back to 2010, its predecessor has been deeply engaged in air treatment, and has been committed to the research and development, design and production of air control system, and gradually become the industry leader. Up to now, Andean company combines the international experience of runner dehumidification with the current market situation in China. Through international management, it has created mature and exquisite product quality, rich design experience and rigorous working style, which lays a solid foundation for Andean in the development of air treatment field
Founded in 2021, the company is fully known as the Andes (Zhejiang) Energy Technology Co., Ltd. brand "antinis", specializing in deep cultivation of air treatment, mainly engaged in the technical equipment supporting and service in the energy field, responding to the call of the state "carbon reaching peak carbon neutralization", constantly improving the process and innovation, and realizing Andean production must be a fine product.

The Andes (chichurian: Antis), which belongs to the Cordillera mountain system, also known as the Andes or the antis mountains, is located on the west coast of South America, with a total length of more than 8900 kilometers from north to south, and is the longest mountain in the world. The Andes form a continuous barrier from the southern tip of South America to the northernmost Caribbean coast. The Andes, which separates the narrow west coast from the rest of the continent, is one of the most important topographical features of the earth. It has a profound impact on the living conditions of the mountains and their surrounding areas.
The Andes is the highest mountain in the world except Asia, with an average altitude of 3660 meters. The highest peak is Aconcagua, the main peak in Argentina, with an altitude of 6962 meters. It is the highest peak in the western and southern hemisphere, and is the highest extinct volcano in the world.
The Andes in South America is the longest mountain range in the world. Its widest point in the middle is only 640 km, while its length is 8900 km. The mountains here are steep. Most of them are more than 3000 meters above sea level, and many of them are more than 6000 meters high. It is a mysterious area with endless mountains and majestic momentum. According to archaeological materials, the Andean plateau experienced a series of high ancient civilization periods in history, and created a unique Inca civilization.

Development history

Development history


The Antis originated in Europe


The first Andean project, Vanke garden, was born


Antis long term strategic partner Qingdao base lithium battery production line officially put into operation


Successfully applied for CE-LVD and ce-rohs certificate of rotary dehumidifier, officially put into production


More than 50 utility model patents have been applied in total


Antis industrial mobile wheel dehumidifier has been unanimously recognized in European and American markets


Won the 2018 China comfortable home industry contribution brand

Certificate of honor

Certificate of honor